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14:00 to 14:30
03 Nov 2021

Techposter Syndrome

Self-confidence is a key ingredient in reaching our full potential. The lack of confidence in ourselves leads, almost every time, to never reaching it. Still, there are high-achieving individuals who, despite their objective success, fail to see their accomplishments  - they suffer from the techposter syndrome (impostor syndrome in technology). People with techposter syndrome struggle to attribute their performance to their actual competencies. There is only one way one could conquer this syndrome, and this is by stop comparing yourself to others. The truth is, we never know enough… in fact, we will never know it all.

  • Andreea Rusu Avatar Andreea Rusu Coordinator of the Agile & Soft Skills Community of Practice & Senior Software Engineer at 3Pillar Global
14:35 to 15:05
03 Nov 2021

How Can Leaders Make a Team Great?

How can leaders create the space for their teams to thrive? Science shows us that a great work environment contributes to significantly better results attained by the team, not just to overall team happiness. Regardless if we are working in remote/distributed teams, or in the same office building, there are a few ingredients we can use to make a work environment great, such as leadership by example, embracing diversity, or providing feedback so that people can both feel appreciated & grow. We’ll be exploring these universal ingredients and some others in this talk, ending it with an extra reflection on women’s leadership and it’s challenges & perks, to see how they can be used as superpowers. 

15:10 to 15:40
03 Nov 2021

Make your Angular Application PWA

Nowadays is crucial to develop apps with great UX and UI and to spend less time developing a certain app for both web and mobile. In few simple steps you can make your existing Angular application act like a native app:

  • work offline,

  • install it like a desktop application,

  • send native notifications.


If you're interested in how you can approach this, join me in my talk and learn about our journey with my team.

15:45 to 16:15
03 Nov 2021

Intro into the world of RPA

An overview about what is RPA – UiPath Platform Overview with a First Robot Run demo. Will finalize by providing personal feedback, on why I choose to switch technologies and how I started the new journey.

  • Maria Irimias Avatar Maria Irimias Service Delivery Manager | RPA Solution Architect | UiPath MVP at Accesa/Raro