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10:00 to 10:45
03 Nov 2021

Playing with Infrastructure as Java Code (IaC) on AWS - the CDK

Java is not only an excellent language for the development of serverless applications; you can also use Java to provision the AWS cloud resources. With Java, you get a highly productive Infrastructure as Code (IaC) environment. In this slide less session, I will provision popular AWS resources with Java, Maven, and Visual Studio Code. Your questions are highly appreciated.

PS: The Keynote will be free and live on Facebook @DevTalksRomania.

  • Adam Bien Avatar Adam Bien Developer (Architect), Consultant, Trainer, Java enthusiast at Adam Bien
10:50 to 11:20
03 Nov 2021

Mainframe digitalization with Apache Kafka & Cassandra

We will share a case study of transition we have made from a mainframe monolith to modern microservices based on spring boot.

Transition from pull-based to push-based architecture using Kafka and Cassandra.

Our challenges and solutions.

  • Petru Guzun Avatar Petru Guzun Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead at Raiffeisen Bank
11:25 to 12:10
03 Nov 2021

Dare to test your Prod on CI. Hold my drink, and check Testcontainers

We all know about the importance of testing, we do our unit tests, we continue with our integration tests …. 

But in each case, we are always testing isolated features and we use mocks for those things not important in those tests … So, what about testing everything with real layers and all together? And, even better, having that big test encapsulated in our project test suits and runnable locally and from our CI … Here is where Testcontainers appear.