Adrian Ilie

Adrian Ilie

Agile Developer & Team Leader at Cegeka Romania


Adrian is a an experienced Full Stack Developer with 5 years' background of custom applications in several industries, mastering a diverse technical stack: .NET C# Framework/Core, React, JavaScript, Azure Cloud, just to name a few.

In Cegeka Romania he is also a Team Leader and his ambition is to be better than he was yesterday. This is why no matter the area he takes on, you can bet that Adrian is there to make a difference.

Agenda Talks

.NET Con

10:50 to 11:20
03 Nov 2021

Embracing TDD in your .NET development journey.

TDD is not a new kid in town, so why is it still not fully embraced in Development teams?

Adrian will convince you with practical cases from his current project, that the more complex the features, the higher your interest should be in investing time in embracing TDD.

Learn how you can reduce the number of bugs, the number of days spent in investigating issues, therefore gaining time to invest it in building better features.

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